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only me - The Bloody Tears Running Down My Face [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Blood Stained Girl

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only me [Apr. 30th, 2004|02:18 pm]
The Blood Stained Girl
[mood |hungry/pissed off]
[music |blink182-manoverboard]

i fucked everythign up again and well i had a fight with the cement and the cement kicked my ass harcore.haha ok what happened was george poked me after i told no one to touch me and me being the retard i am chased after him and tripped on nothing and fucking got the shit beaten outta me when i fell cus i landed on my shoulder and got fucked up severly so i layed on the cement for awhile then i finally got up and he came over to me laughing so i hit him on one side of the head and had the clearest shot of his face and with all my force slapped him and he started crying i mean this kid is like almost 16 and i made him cry..and my hand stung for like 15 mins. but man i should have fuckin hit him harder cus the fall from wensday has fucked me up i limp and i cant mvoe my right shoulder.but then amber and anna started talkin shit so i just told them off so im friendless again YAY.i fucking hate people you know my journal friends are my only friends left i love you all!!!
i need someone to talk to someone im me
aim:Misstres of dark
yahoo(im rarely on but when i am im a cam whore):blink182pwnsall